Brainstorming Ideas With Virtual Teams


Zip-Zap Ideas® gives innovation teams a simple and easy way to brainstorm ideas linked to a specific challenge. A great tool for webex meetings, ideation workshops, for on-the-go brainstorming tasks, and to test leading ideas with target customers. Watch the video on how the tool is being used by virtual teams. For more information, visit the Zip-Zap Ideas® website and create your own projects today with our FREE Starter Package.

Different Options with Zip-Zap Ideas®

Zip-Zap Virtual Brainstorming – provides virtual teams with a simple and easy way too to share new ideas linked to a specific innovation challenge in webex meetings or for on-the-go brainstorming.

Creative-Consumer Workshops – a fast and agile way to co-create new ideas with creative-thinking consumers. Consumers use Zip-Zap to refine ideas and add new ideas they feel are missing.

Deeper Insights and Trends – use Zip-Zap to capture, refine and evaluate new insights from consumer closeness sessions, social media listening or from our global network of insight agents and trend scouts.

Zip-Zap Ideation Workshops – we use Zip-Zap Ideas® in support of our innovation workshop sessions, with teams capturing new ideas inspired by insights and different creative thinking techniques.

Creativity Training and Support – we offer different options for teams to use Zip-Zap direct, with a FREE Starter package to our Unleashed Packaged with full features and full training and support.

"A fast way of developing new ideas with immediate feedback from target customers."

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