Most brands we work with have many insights about their consumers, but the real challenge is to identify and focus on the insights and trends that have greatest potential to drive winning innovation. We call these insights "winSIGHTS™. Watch this short movie to see how our collaborative approach to gathering, refining and identifying the winSIGHTS™ can be used to develop winning product ideas or to step-change in-store marketing activation. This includes using trend scouts and looking at existing information with a fresh pair of eyes. All our work is shared online using our virtualHOTHOUSE® innovation system. Find out more with our Top Tips for Fresh Consumer Insights.  Enquire now »

Other Services

As well as running consumer insight workshops, we also offer innovation and creativity skills training, covering creative facilitation and different techniques that you can use to maximise the creative talents of your team. And if you need support writing concepts, we have a great team of copywriters and artists who would love to help refine your leading ideas.

Want to Generate Winning Ideas to Grow your Business?

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