This video highlights how we help leading brands to generate and identify winning ideas that drive innovation and business growth.  Our focused, creative and collaborative "insights driven approach" has delivered outstanding results for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Beiersdorf, The Body Shop, Reckitt Benckiser and Samsung.  All projects are supported by our team of Creative Agents, Trend Scouts, Creative Facilitators, Copy Editors, Artists, together with our online innovation tools, virtualHOTHOUSE® and Zip-Zap Ideas®. Enquire now » 


More of What We Do

Winning Ideas to Grow Your Business

We develop winning ideas by using a focused and insights-driven approach that is supported by our team of Trend Scouts, Creative Agents, Copy Editors, and online collaboration tools.

Finding Deeper Insights and Trends

Our team Insight Agents and Trend Scouts use a variety of techniques to gather, refine and identify deeper insights and trends that are linked to agreed innovation objectives.

Zip-Zap Ideas® Virtual Innovation

Zip-Zap Ideas® is a smart online brainstorming tool that provides virtual innovation teams with a faster and more effective way to share and evaluate new ideas with a wider audience.

Online Brainstorming Workshops

Zip-Zap Ideas® provides a simple and effective platform for virtual brainstorming workshops, helping online teams to generate and develop new ideas in collaboration with webex tools such as Zoom.

Consumer Innovation Labs™

We run 1-day Consumer Innovation Labs™ to engage creative-thinking consumers to refine existing concepts, or to develop fresh new ideas linked to leading consumer insights.

Concept Testing with fastSCREEN™

Our fastSCREEN™ consumer panels provide a fast and cost-effective way to screen leading insights, mini-concepts and claims with target consumers in key global markets.

Ideas Hothouse™ Workshops

We run Hothouse™ workshops to inspire cross-functional teams to think in new ways and to generate new ideas with support from artists, creative agents and target consumers.

Creative Facilitation Training

Our creative facilitation training is highly interactive and provides delegates with the skills, confidence and a "tool-kit" to step-change the way they plan and run innovation projects.

Other Services

In addition to running innovation consultancy projects world-wide, Ideas First® now offers our leading clients the option to buy and use Zip-Zap Ideas®, our new online collaboration software.  Zip-Zap Ideas® provides innovation teams with a faster and more effective way to share and evaluate new ideas linked to an agreed innovation objective. The software comes with creativity training and ongoing support. Contact us to arrange a demo or visit options for Zip-Zap Ideas®.


Want to Generate Winning Ideas to Grow your Business?

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