Our team of specialist workshop facilitators have have been running Hothouse™ Creative Facilitation training courses for over 10 years. Our most popular course is a 3-day "train the trainer" program for 20-24 delegates.  The objective of the course is to give delegates the skills, confidence and experience to plan, prepare and facilitate innovation workshops, both internally and with external teams.  Delegates are provided with a complete tool-kit of different facilitation techniques and they get a chance to use these techniques by running an interactive business case study.  Watch the short movie from a recent course and take a look at some of Top Tips for Winning Innovation.

Other Services

In addition to our creative facilitation training and workshops, we offer a range of programs and services to help innovation teams generate and identify new ideas to drive business growth. This includes Insight Booster™ programs to gather and identify fresh insights linked to specific business opportunities, or our Consumer Innovation Labs™ where we develop ideas for new products with creative thinking consumers and our team of creative agents, artists and copy editors.  And all our programs are supported by our powerful online virtualHOTHOUSE® innovation system.


Want to Generate Winning Ideas to Grow your Business?

Contact us and we will explain our approach and the different tools that we use.