Generate or refine existing ideas and concepts with our 1-day Consumer Innovation Labs™.  Working closely with creative-thinking consumers, our team of creative agents use a variety of techniques to co-create ideas linked to leading insights and agreed innovation objectives.  All outputs are captured using our virtualHOTHOUSE® system so that regional and global client teams can join the process online. Leading ideas are then further refined by our team of copy-editors, ahead of final online consumer screening.  Watch a Consumer Innovation Lab™ event that engaged a team of 12  creative-thinking consumers. Enquire now »


Other Services

In addition to our idea co-creation and innovation labs, we also offer innovation and creativity skills training, covering creative facilitation and different techniques that you can use to maximise the creative talents of your team. And if you need support writing concepts, we have a great team of copywriters and artists who would love to help refine your leading ideas.

Want to Generate Winning Ideas to Grow your Business?

Contact us and we will explain our approach and the different tools that we use.