Other Services

In addition to Hothouse™ events, virtualHOTHOUSE® sessions or Creative Hothouse™ facilitation training, we offer a range of other programs and services to help innovation teams generate and identify new ideas or claims to drive business growth. This includes Insight Booster™ projects to gather fresh insights linked to specific business opportunities, or our Consumer Innovation Labs™ where we develop new ideas with creative thinking consumers and our team of creative agents, artists and concept copy writers.  And to help identify ideas with the greatest market potential, we offer idea and concept screening in all leading markets with our new fastSCREEN™ Tool.  All our programs are supported by our powerful online virtualHOTHOUSE® innovation system.  Please contact us to find out more or to set up a short demo meeting.

Want to Generate Winning Ideas to Grow your Business?

Contact us and we will explain our approach and the different tools that we use.