Insight and Idea Collaboration

virtualHOTHOUSE® is a powerful online brainstorming and idea collaboration tool, designed to capture insights and the creative thinking of innovation teams and consumers in different locations. It supports our approach to winning innovation. First, it captures, refines and identifies leading consumer insights. Second, using leading insights, it generates, refines and identifies winning ideas. Extra support is available via our network of creative agents, copy-editors, and fastSCREEN™ consumer panels.

More About virtualHOTHOUSE®

Maximise the creative thinking of innovation teams - the power of minds!

Used by leading brands to generate and identify winning business ideas

Over 3,000 delegates and creative agents in 55 countries worldwide

Captures ALL insights and ideas to build a powerful innovation database

“94% of users agreed the virtualHOTHOUSE® process generates ideas that will drive business growth”

Companies and Brands We Have Supported