Ideas to Drive Business Growth

virtualHOTHOUSE® is a powerful, collaborative, online brainstorming tool that helps innovation teams capture, refine and identify winning insights and ideas to drive business growth.  Launched in 2009, it has been used by over 60 leading brands, with over 5,000 delegates and creative agents in 68 countries world-wide.  Version 4.0 was released in 2017 with a fresh user experience; new features for insight and idea sharing; and updates to fastSCREEN™ consumer evaluation.  Watch the movie and read below for more information.

Different Project Options

Better Creative Collaboration – online brainstorming to maximise the creative talents of innovation teams and target consumers in multiple locations – the power of minds for winning innovation.

Focused Innovation Roadmap – use the system to support a more focused approach to "front-end" innovation, to generate and identify a pipeline of winning ideas to drive business growth.

Stronger Insights – capture, refine and evaluate new insights from customer and consumer closeness research with insightsBOX®, combined with optional support from our team of insight agents.

Winning Product Ideas and Claims – brainstorm ideas and claims with virtual innovation teams using ideasBOX™, plus Hothouse™ workshops with creative agents and creative-thinking consumers.

A Powerful Innovation Database – use the tool to capture outputs from past and future innovation projects to help build a powerful innovation database of insights and ideas for your business.

"94% of users agreed the virtualHOTHOUSE® process generates ideas that will drive business growth."

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