virtualHOTHOUSE® is a powerful online innovation brainstorming tool designed to maximise the creative thinking of innovation teams in different markets and locations. Version 4.0 was launched in 2017 with a fresh new user experience together with new tools and features to help innovation teams gather, refine and identify winning insights and ideas to drive business growth. To date, the system has been used by 56 different leading brands and by over 5,000 delegates and consumers in 68 markets world-wide.

Maximises the creative powers of large teams in a structured and focused way

Over 5000 delegates and creative agents in 68 countries worldwide

Used on 100s of innovation projects for 25 leading companies and 56 brands

Captures ALL insights and ideas and builds a powerful innovation database

"95% of users agree that virtualHOTHOUSE® generates and identifies new and winning ideas to drive business growth."

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