• Be Short and Focused
    When writing and refining new ideas, be focused and ensure that the reader quickly understands what is the essence of the idea and what is the key benefit.  Ensure that you communicate the benefit of the idea in the first sentence.  Use words that your target consumer will understand but don’t be too long - we recommend using no more than 350 characters.  
  • Inspire and Make a Promise
    Think carefully about the words that you are using.  Use words that are inspiring and are linked to the core insight behind the idea.  If you can, look to add a “claim” or a “promise” to make the benefit of the idea more compelling to your target consumer.  For example, don’t just say that something will make you “look younger”, make a promise that it will make you look “ten years younger”. 
  • Add Some Support
    Even though you need to keep your ideas short, look to add some words that offer credibility and reassurance.  This might be linked to a special “magic” ingredient; evidence from product testing; or endorsement from a relevant third party.  Use these words carefully and ensure that they support the core benefit that you are offering.
  • Be Insightful But Don’t Repeat the Insight
    Ensure your idea is linked to a relevant insight.  However, we recommend that you don’t spell out the insight as a separate statement, but ensure that the insight is incorporated within the words that you use to describe the core essence of the idea. This keeps ideas shorter and ensures that, in testing, consumers are voting on the idea and not the insight behind the idea.
  • Add a Headline to Grab Attention
    When you have completed writing and crafting your idea, look to add a headline that captures the ideas’ key essence.  The headline could be the product name or four or five words to help make the idea stand out. This is especially important if you are exposing a larger list of ideas to a consumer panel and it mimics how consumers might see ideas in a supermarket.
  • Get Feedback and Keep Refining
    Don’t stop writing and think your idea is done.  For most projects, we keep refining ideas for 2 to 3 weeks after the main idea generation workshop.  Take time to combine and re-write ideas, with input and feedback from target consumers.  You may also need support from professional copy editors to help craft the words and to ensure the idea is most compelling.

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The top tips above summarise how we encourage people to capture and refine ideas at our workshops so that they are written in a more compelling way.  Delegates are taught concept writing techniques so their ideas stand out from the crowd.  It is also the format we use for mini-concept screening, helping consumers to quickly review and select 3 or 4 “preferred ideas” from a list of 12 to 20.  It is also vital that ideas are translated well into local language. Get in touch if you would like more help and information about how to write great ideas.


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