• Run Inspiring Innovation Workshops 
    In our surveys, most people say that their best ideas come in structured and well-run innovation workshops, with clear innovation objectives to focus thinking.  A good facilitator, with different techniques, can encourage true creativity, keep people energised and ensure that everyone makes a full contribution. We also use creative-thinking consumers to help refine and build early ideas.
  • Focus on Leading Consumer winSIGHTS™
    Fresh and deep consumer insights are a vital starting point for winning innovation.  A really good insight should help inspire lots of different ideas.  Take time, before an ideation session, to spend time with consumers and look to select insights that have the greatest potential.  We call these insights, winSIGHTS™ and they should be used to encourage and drive even more focused creative thinking. 
  • Explore Market Trends and Competitive Activity  
    In addition to consumer insights, look to focus on market trends and competitive activity that might inspire great new ideas.  Look at direct and indirect competitor claims, and look to map potential gaps between what they offer and what you could exploit.  We also use our network of Trend Scouts to look at trends with a fresh set of eyes and to identify the “mega trends” for new ideas.
  • Encourage Wider Idea Collaboration
    Maximising collaboration and the “power of minds” should lead to stronger ideas.  In larger companies, greater collaboration at an early stage can also increase the support for winning ideas that are eventually selected.  We use our online virtualHOTHOUSE® innovation system to facilitate effective insight and idea collaboration, with delegates and consumers in over 55 markets world-wide.
  • Use Out of The Box Thinking Techniques
    People tell us that they come up with some of their best ideas when they are relaxed and in the right frame of mind for creativity.  Creating the right environment for fresh thinking is therefore important.  For ideation workshops, take the time to find the right space for your session, and use music and different out-of-the-box techniques to stretch thinking. 
  • Capture Ideas On The Go
    Our recent survey shows that people can come up with their best work ideas in all sorts of places, from the shower, running in the woods, on the stair-master or with a glass of wine. Encourage this enthusiasm but provide focus for creative thinking against a specific insight or challenge.  Also use online tools so that these ideas can be quickly captured and shared, wherever you may be. 

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In addition to the above Top Tips, do remember that for some people, generating new and winning ideas can be tough and daunting. Lots of people can be shy to share their ideas or feel that they are not very creative. When encouraging your team to come up with new innovative ideas, really look to encourage a mind-set that “all ideas are great ideas”. Our experience is that we are all incredibly creative if we are given the space, the direction and tools to think in different ways. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.  


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