• Be Focused in Your Search 
    Look to focus “insight mining” work against agreed innovation pillars. This added direction at the beginning of the project not only saves time and money, but encourages you to go deeper with your search for fresh insights, ensuring you identify much stronger insights to drive business growth.
  • Depth Interviews by Webex
    Well moderated depth interviews with Webex tools are a great way of finding fresh insights with target consumers.  We find that face-to-face Webex provides a better engagement with consumers than traditional telephone interviews, facilitates a better geographic spread, and allows project team members to easily and discreetly attend if required.
  • Social Media Listening
    Don’t be afraid to use online resources, the internet and social media sites are full of insights.  We often gather new insights by tracking discussions and trends on different web forums. Just ensure you keep in mind your pre-defined “insight mining” objectives each time, to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and lose purpose.
  • Revisit Consumer Data with Fresh Eyes
    Most companies are sitting on a wealth of research data.  After defining your “insight mining” innovation pillars, revisit this information with “fresh insight eyes”.  You have already invested time and money in this research, maximise on this investment.  Not only will this add value and direction to research already done, it will improve understanding of how to take your market research forwards.
  • Online Insight Sharing
    On most projects we encourage online insight sharing and collaboration with regional and global marketing, R&D and insights teams.  This collaboration, in conjunction with local consumer closeness work, allows you to both maximise on local knowledge to get a deeper and more rounded understanding of local consumer behaviour.
  • Road Test Your Early Insights
    Our final top tip is to “road test” the fresh insights that you have gathered, both internally and with creative-thinking consumers, to see if a fresh insight can be turned into a new idea that will actually drive business. If in this testing stage you struggle to generate ideas, it probably isn’t a very good insight!

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In addition to the Top Tips listed above, you may also want to use other insight gathering techniques. For example, simple observational work can provide a great way of understanding how people are really behaving. You many also want to consider running "insight brainstorming" sessions with Creative-Thinking Consumers - so long as everyone knows you are looking for insights and not ideas. Please get in touch if you want to know more about some of the different techniques that we use to get great consumer insights.


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