• Focus on Relevant Insights
    Generate more distinctive and compelling ideas by keeping workshop delegates focused on deep and relevant consumer insights, that are linked to tight innovation objectives.  It is therefore important that you take time before the workshop to agree objectives linked to consumer need gaps and to capture insights that have real potential to drive compelling innovation.
  • Brainstorm in Small Teams
    Split the groups into pairs when capturing early ideas to maximise the contribution from all delegates and keep ideas fresh.  To be even more effective, capture early ideas using an online tool so that nothing is lost.  Ideas can then be continually refined and are visible immediately to the wider team, both at the meeting and for people based in other locations. 
  • Set The Right Tone
    Take time to create the right atmosphere at the start of the workshop to encourage out of the box thinking. This includes the choice of the workshop venue; room layout; and using different games and exercises to make people more relaxed. Mix teams up regularly to ensure maximum creativity and participation from the whole group - not just the people who talk a lot.
  • Use a Good Facilitator
    For larger brainstorming meetings, use an experienced creative facilitator to help you plan, prepare and run the workshop.  A good facilitator will help you define the right innovation objectives and agenda; pull together the right stimulus materials; encourage lateral thinking; and will keep people energised and focused throughout the workshop.
  • Involve Creative Agents  
    External Creative Agents and Creative-Thinking Consumers can be used to encourage fresher thinking and to help your internal team capture and write early ideas in a way that is more compelling to your target consumer.  In addition, consider using external Copy Editors to ensure that final ideas are written in a clear and consistent way ahead of wider evaluation.
  • Cross Functional Thinking
    Encourage more lateral thinking by involving delegates who come from different functions and backgrounds, but use different creative thinking tools to manage different creative attitudes.  Take time to manage expectations and explain that more work is normally needed after the workshop to refine and identify truly winning ideas with consumer panels.

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In addition to the above Top Tips, do remember that pre-planning and preparation is absolutely essential to a successful brainstorming workshop.  This includes having a clearly defined innovation objective and buy-in from key stakeholders; running pre-workshop consumer closeness sessions to gather relevant and deeper insights; asking delegates to conduct pre-workshop tasks to get into the minds of the target consumer; gathering competitor ideas and claims; getting the latest and relevant technology stimulus from your R&D teams. Please get in touch if you would like more help and information in running innovation workshops for your business.  


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