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Samsung Note 9

The Idea

Launched in Summer 2018, Samsung's Note 9 is packed with advanced new features that take the mobile experience to a new level.  Comes with a larger screen, a powerful “all day battery”, more storage capacity than any other mobile, and an incredible new camera. It also contains a clever integrated blue tooth "Smart Pen" that can be used as a remote for presentations and for selfies. And all supported by a cutting edge processor for the fastest performance ever.  

Why we like it

In a highly competitive market, Samsung has focused on making significant improvements to core features that are relevant to the "high end" target user.  Although our creative team all use Apple Phones, this is the first Android device that is making us all think again.  The flexible storage facilities address many of the concerns when it comes to storing pictures, videos and music.  We also love some of the new camera features and the claims of the “all day battery life”.  It also appears that Samsung have hit a winner with the “tech press” although there are some concerns about the high pricing.



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