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Samsung Frame TV

The Idea

Having just completed a project with Samsung, we couldn't resist sharing their new and beautifully designed TV, created to look like a piece of art when not in use. Available in a wide range of frame colours to blend in with peoples own homes, it is a truly unique ‘Lifestyle TV’. Thanks to its motion sensors, 'The Frame' even knows if people are in the room, so it only displays art if people are there to appreciate it...Genius!

Why we like it

We think Samsung have come up with the best solution to date of how to display a TV without it taking over the room.  We love that ‘The Frame’ can be hung more or less flush to your wall - just as a painting would- and it’s near-transparent cables certainly don’t blight its aesthetic appeal at all.  When the TV is in Art Mode, the screen exhibits a selection of more than 100 different digitized works of art of your choice. It’s too early to tell how well sales are going but for the many people who really don't like a TV being the focal point of their living room, it’ll be a hit.



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