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RoC® 10 Years Back

The Idea

A old product and TV ad that continues to be a great example of how a compelling product claim can be used to help a brand stand out against the competition, in a fiercely competitive category where most brands are selling products that offer the same benefits.  In this ad, the RoC® brand offer a daily moisturiser that is is clinically proven to make your skin appear 10 years younger.  


Why we like it

The benefit for younger-looking skin continues to be used across the beauty and skin care industry, with brands battling to come up with new ideas and claims that stand out from the crowd.  This is a great example of a brand that achieved this with a bold and memorable claim of "give 10 years back to your skin". The credibility is supported by the "sub-claims", the product demo, the choice of model, and the brand's heritage with dermatologists. The idea and claim helped RoC become a leading European skincare brand for over five years, although today, faced with huge competitive pressure, the brand has been unable to sustain this success. 



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