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Nurofen Cold and Flu

The Idea

Neurofen® Cold and Flu new dual action formula works with your body to relieve aches and pains, AND also helps to clear nasal congestion so you can get on with your day. Neurofen® Cold and Flu, targets the aches, pains and congestion of colds and flu, because we know how bad these symptoms can make you feel.


Why we like it

Another simple and compelling claim from Neurofen® for consumers looking for products that offer cold and flu relief. Despite operating in a competitive and heavily regulated category, Neurofen® continues to offer consumers a range of relevant products with claims that are specific and compelling.  They also use good graphics to infer or reinforce their claims as shown in the example TV ad.  This really helps makes their products stand out from the crowd, and despite a significant price premium, the brand enjoys shares in many markets of over 25%.  



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