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Mime et Moi Shoes

The Idea

The first shoe for girls with 5 interchangable heels to suit your mood and style.  Available in a variety of styles and colours. Wear them as flats during the day to office, add a taller heel for your party after work.  Just carry the heels in your bag and switch them over when you want to switch styles.  Flats can be transformed into heels in a matter of seconds with a simple and unique clip system.  

Why we like it

The team in the office LOVED this idea. "Why didn't we think of it", they cried!  So simple and linked to a great insight of not having to "lug around" a second pair of shoes for that evening party after work.  Early reactions on social media are positive although there are some concerns about whether the shoe is really comfortable, and is there a non-sandle option for the winter?  But we love it and a great idea from a smart German company.



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