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Logitech Spotlight

The Idea

Couldn't resist sharing this neat little gadget from Logitech.  The Spotlight is described as a game-changing presentation remote with an advanced pointer system that allows you to highlight and magnify areas of focus in pixel-perfect detail.  In a slick and simple design, Spotlight has other features to enhance how you can deliver presentations including onscreen mouse cursor, volume control and timer alerts.  


Why we like it

We have used a number of presenters in the past but this is a step above the rest.....really adds polish as a presenter.  Such a sleek design and without a host of complicated features.  Great range control and we love the way that you can control volume by raising and lowering the device in your hand.  Worked really well in both a MAC and Windows 10 machine.  Early reports on Amazon indicate that Logitech have a potential winner.



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