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Logitech Human Track Ball

The Idea

Enjoy this fun and irreverent video of a BIG new idea from Logitech.  Logitech's President and CEO, Bracken Darrel, introduces an idea that goes beyond controlling your computer with your brain.  They have taken their Mouse Trackball and have "blown it up"!  And after "5 years of development" they have created the "Human Track Ball" - to control your computer through your butt! 


Why we like it

Who can't like this idea....but on a more serious point, it shows Logitech's confidence in a challenging and competitive environment.  Founded in 1976, Logitech has grown with a focused approach to innovation in the area of desktop computer accessories.  In more recent years, and under new leadership from 2012, the company has continued to grow with design led innovation.  The "track ball" movie displays this confidence and is also a great example of how viral marketing can help strengthen brand awareness. 



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