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Johnson's® Softwash™

The Idea

An old TV execution but it still offers a great example of a product claim that combines a rational and an emotional benefit. Johnson's® Softwash™ offers "our softest ever formula" - the rational claim from a brand that stands for softness.  This is linked to a fun emotional claim - "guaranteed for even more cuddles, in fact, the extra softness ingredients will leave baby skin so soft that it will feel doubly cuddly".

Why we like it

Generating new, relevant and compelling product claims can be a smart way of refreshing the appeal of a brand, and to make a "hero product" more relevant to a brand's target audience.  We continue to use this ad from Johnson's Baby when running our Claimstorming Hothouse™ workshops, to encourage innovation teams to consider both rational and emotional benefits for their brands and products.  The claim from Johnson's Baby was used to invigorate a new product line that was rolled out worldwide. The TV achieved winning scores in testing, on both emotional engagement and purchase intention.



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