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Innocent® Smoothies

The Idea

We love ideas old and new, and this is one of Innocents® original TV campaigns with a great example of how a compelling and insightful product claim can help a brand stand out from the crow. "Need a bit more fruit in your life?  We squeeze lots and lots of fresh fruit into our cartons.  Because, like us, you are probably good at eating crisps and sweets, but a bit rubbish at eating fresh fruit.  Innocent® Smoothies - nothing but nothing but fruit."

Why we like it

Another "old idea" that we continue to use in our Claimstorming Hothouse™ workshops, as a great example of compelling product claim.  We like the insightful language ("bit rubbish at eating fruit") and very simple product claim ("nothing but nothing but fruit").  The claim is also very much inline with the Innocent brand equity.  Further campaigns have seen stronger claims including "includes your 5 a day".  The uncomplicated TV execution visually captures the simplicity of the language in a memorable way.



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