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Amazon Alexa

The Idea

A really very funny TV ad from Amazon that communicates the potentially indispensable benefits of the Alexa digital assistant across a range of different usage scenarios, when the "real Alexa" has lost her voice. The ad was aired during the 2018 Super Bowl and combines a series of celebrity Alexa cameo voice replacements including Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins. 

Why we like it

We love this clever and creative TV execution that demonstrates Alexa's range of insightful usage occasions. It also demonstrates Amazon's confidence as leaders in this category, against tough competition from Google and Apple's equivalent digital home assistant tools.  In the latest results, Amazon continues to dominate smart speaker sales and they are still ahead in linking Alexa with a range of gadgets from flushable loos to smart kitchen apps. 



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