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A specialist idea generation and product innovation agency

Deeper Insights and Trends | Compelling Claims | Winning Product Concepts | Marketing Activation Ideas

Our Approach for Winning Ideas

Ideas First® is a specialist idea generation and product innovations agency. We work globally with leading brands, using different innovation tools and an insights-driven approach, that is proven to generate winning product ideas and compelling new claims.

Projects are supported by our team of Creative Agents, Trend Scouts, Creative Facilitators, Copy Editors and Artists. Since 2008, we have been using our online platforms, virtualHOTHOUSE® and Zip-Zap Ideas®.

Our Programs for Winning Ideas

We offer our clients eight different innovation programs to generate and identify winning concepts and claims. All projects are supported by our team of Trend Scouts and Creative Agents, together with Zip-Zap Ideas®, our powerful online collaboration tool.

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Finding Deeper Insights and Trends

Our team of Insight Agents and Trend Scouts use a variety of techniques to gather, refine and identify deeper insights and trends that are linked to agreed innovation objectives.

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Winning Ideas and Claims

We develop winning ideas and claims by using a focused and insights-driven approach that is supported by our team of Trend Scouts, Creative Agents, Copy Editors, and our online collaboration tools.


Zip-Zap Ideas® Virtual Innovation

Zip-Zap Ideas® is our smart online brainstorming tool that provides a fast and effective way for teams to develop and evaluate new insights and concepts with target consumers.

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Online Brainstorming Workshops

Designed for virtual teams, we run fun and interactive online brainstorming workshops using Zip-Zap Ideas® and Zoom®, as we inspire teams to generate and evaluate early Ideas.


Fast Online Concept Testing

We use Zip-Zap Ideas® for a fast and cost-effective way of testing leading insights, mini-concepts and claims with target consumers in key global markets.

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Consumer Innovation Labs™

We run 1-day Consumer Innovation Labs™ to engage creative-thinking consumers to refine existing concepts, or to develop fresh new ideas linked to leading consumer insights.

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Ideas Hothouse™ Workshops

Our Hothouse™ workshops inspire cross-functional teams to generate and develop new ideas with support from artists, creative agents and target consumers.

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Creative Facilitation Training

Our creative facilitation training provides delegates with skills, confidence and a "tool-kit" to step-change how they can inspire their own teams to develop new and stronger ideas.