Shopper Hothouse™ Oral Care

Project Overview

We were asked to run an Activation Shopper Hothouse™ project for this leading oral care brand to strengthen and step change growth of the brand and the overall Oral Care Category. Partnering with one of the brands leading retail partners, we ran a joint, high energy workshop for both the client and their retail partner. Teams worked collaboratively at the workshop, using different creative techniques, to help them generate new ideas. Target shoppers were brought into the workshop to give immediate feedback to early ideas.

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Our Approach

This marketing activation ideation project used our "high energy" 2-day Shopper Hothouse™ workshop methodology to generate new ideas to step-change the growth of their business. This approach brings together sales and marketing teams, with their key retail partners, to jointly generate new ideas and agree growth action plans. Initially we worked with the category team to define clear objectives and innovation pillars. Relevant shopper insights were gathered and evaluated using our virtualHOTHOUSE™ system prior to the Hothouse™ workshop. Ideas generated on day 1 were linked to insights and other stimulus. On day 2, leading ideas were refined with target shoppers before the team agreed action plans to take forward to in-store testing.


The project was successful in obtaining joint agreement to leading shopper insights as well as agreeing which specific ideas and action plans had the most potential to grow the business. Leading new ideas were rolled out in test stores store within six months to identify the activity that had greatest impact on the business.

"A great way of building ideas to grow a category with your key retail customers"

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