Winning Product Concepts in Oral Care

Project Overview

This global oral care company was looking to drive growth for two of its teeth cleaning brands and our team of creative agents helped the global innovation team find new ways to develop winning new product concepts and ideas. Our high energy Ideas Hothouse™ workshop kick-started the project with all early ideas being captured online using our unique virtualHOTHOUSE® system.  Following further work to refine the early ideas, they were then tested with consumers to asses which ones had the strongest market potential.

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Our Approach

This was a fast-track product innovation project, driven by a 2-day Ideas Hothouse™ workshop in the UK with a global innovation team plus support from our team of creative agents. A number of creative-thinking techniques were used to encourage teams to think outside the box and help the team generate early product ideas linked to three different innovation pillars and associated consumer insights. All ideas on day 1 were captured and evaluated using the 2016 version of our virtualHOTHOUSE® system.  On day 2, the team selected “best buy” ideas that were refined into mini-concepts.  Following the workshop, our team of copy editors completed further refinement of 40 leading concepts that were then evaluated online using our updated fastSCREEN™ tool with delegates in key markets.



The project produced 40 mini-concepts that were linked to three innovation pillars and associated consumer insights.  Results from an online panel highlighted 4 mini-concepts with "strong market potential", with concept appeal scores significantly higher than 2 competitive benchmarks (that were included in the final list of 40 mini-concepts).  Further research work is now taking place to highlight the final 1 or 2 ideas that will be rolled out in leading markets.


"Fabulous process to tease out leading concepts. Really great workshop session, upbeat and high energy. The pre-work massively helped with my thinking."

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