Personal Care Claims Innovation

Project Overview

This project was all about looking at new, fresh and deeper insights to identify a pipeline of compelling new product claims that would drive growth for two female personal care brands in three priority markets. This was achieved through a combination of online insight sharing with the global insights team and a two-day claimstorming Hothouse™ workshop. The workshop resulted in many new claims being developed and these were then tested and screened with consumers in target markets including Brazil, Northern Europe and India.


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Our Approach

A two stage virtualHOTHOUSE® project run over a period of 14 weeks. In stage one, a global insights team used the VHH system to gather and share relevant consumer insights. Our team of copy editors themed and refined leading insights prior to evaluation by a team of 40 company delegates in 12 markets. In stage two, leading insights and other stimulus materials were used to generate over 200 early claims at a claimstorming Hothouse™ workshop and online via ideasBOX™. A total of 48 leading claims were then refined by our team of copy editors for screening with over 300 target consumers in Brazil, Germany and India using our fastSCREEN™ methodology to identify leading claims with the greatest potential. 


Insight evaluation work identified 10-12 leading insights linked to 4 different platforms. Evaluation with 300 target consumers has identified 6-8 claims with "strong growth potential" in three key markets.


"I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of the new product claims generated and I look forward to seeing some of these being implemented in our lead markets."

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