Innovation for Home Care Appliances

Project Overview

In 2020 and 2021, we were challenged by a global manufacturer of home care appliances, to run a consumer-centric Zip-Zap Ideas® project to generate winning product ideas and claims for four home care category areas, and with a focus on three international markets.

The project objective was to bring fresh thinking from our team of Creative Agents, and combine this with an online process that would engage a global innovation teams were based in Florida, Europe and Asia.  The final outcome of the project was to quickly refine and test leading claims and ideas with target consumers in Germany, Mexico and the USA.

Our Approach

The project was run in two separate stages, over a period of 6 weeks and involved virtual brainstorming Zip-Zap-Zoom workshops, plus extra support from our team of Creative Agents and Copy Editors. The project was concluded with online consumer screening in three markets, that identified a number of winning ideas that have been progressed.

In the first stage, our team of Creative Agents generated some new ideas linked to agreed insights.  This work was supported by two virtual Zip-Zap-Zoom workshops with the wider project team. This work generate over 150 early claims and ideas that were all captured using our Zip-Zap Ideas® platform.

In stage two, our Copy Editors refined a total of 68 mini-concepts that were tested with 400 target consumers in Germany, Mexico and the USA.  Using Zip-Zap Ideas®, consumers were presented with a randomised list of ideas and encouraged to select ideas they liked, to add comments and any ideas they felt were missing. 


From the 68 concepts and claims tested, 10 ideas were "significantly appealing" with target consumers based on 90% confidence level.  The project also generated a wide range of consumer verbatims that have been used by the team to refine the winning ideas.  At time of writing, the team are proceeding with winning ideas. The global team have also used the Zip-Zap Ideas® approach on a further two projects.

"The project delivered strong outputs against the objectives. The process was flexible in meeting our unique needs and I look forward to working with Ideas First® in the future." Global VP Product Strategy & innovation

More Case Studies

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Creativity and Innovation Training

We have run 8 Hothouse™ Champions courses in Asia, Europe and Latin America for a leading international company.  The challenge was to provide individuals with a creative facilitation toolkit that they can deploy with their own innovation teams, to encourage more creative out-of-the-box thinking.

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Personal Care Claims Innovation

Developing winning claims can step-change the appeal and perception of a brand or product.  This is an example of how we ran three claims innovation projects for global FMCG company, with each project being run over a period of 10-14 weeks using our Zip-Zap Ideas® approach.

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Health Care Product Innovation

Global product innovation project for a leading international health care company with a project team based in Europe, North America and Latin America.  The challenge was to develop and identify compelling product concepts for a fast growing OTC and prescription driven category.

Consumer Electronics.jpg

Mobile Phone Retail Innovation

Developing and identifying winning retail activation ideas for a leading electronics brand, that engaged a global innovation team of 112 delegates in 22 countries world-wide, with cross-cultural workshops and virtual ideation sessions.

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Innovation for Home Care Appliances

A virtual innovation project for a global home care appliances brand, to quickly identify winning product concepts and claims. Supported by our team of Creative Agents and Zip-Zap Ideas®, final concepts were refined and tested with target consumers in Germany, Mexico and the USA.

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Fast Concept Testing in Fashion

How we used Zip-Zap Ideas® with a global fashion shoe brand to develop, refine and test new shoe designs that have greatest consumer appeal. The work involved 4 different projects over a period of 9 months, to refine and test over 150 different concepts with more than 3,000 consumers in key global markets.

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Soft Drinks Consumer Co-Creation

How we used a team of 15 Creative-Thinking consumers to develop new ideas and concepts for a large European drinks brand. All concepts were captured and refined using Zip-Zap Ideas® before wider online evaluation with 200 target consumers, to identify leading concepts with the greatest potential.

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Global Eye Care Innovation

A concept development project run over 8 weeks using Zip-Zap Ideas®. The online project engaged a global innovation team of over 60 delegates in 10 markets, who worked in small break-out teams to evaluate, refine and identify winning ideas to drive future growth in the Eye Care category.

fast food.jpg

Fast Food Product Innovation

A European chain of fast food restaurants wanted some fresh thinking to generate and identify new menu options....a tasty challenge! The project was driven by a Hothouse™ workshop and online idea sharing with 32 company delegates and 10 creative agents. A total of 8 "winning ideas" were progressed into production and further testing.

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Health Care Retail Innovation

Working for one of the UK’s leading chain of supermarkets, we used Zip-Zap Ideas® and our Shopper Hothouse™ process to QUICKLY generate a pipeline of new and compelling activation ideas in the health and wellness, with fast feedback from target shoppers.