Product Innovation in Food Nutritionals

Project Overview

This leading food ingredients company needed to better understand the value of consumer insights in driving new innovation and embrace a new culture of innovation. We ran a one-day insights workshop with the team to train them in smarter ways to find new and deeper consumer insights and how to leverage all available market research data with a fresh set of eyes. Following the insights work, we ran a second workshop to help them turn these winSIGHTS™ into winning ideas for new products and innovative formats.



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Our Approach

Our work included a one-day insights workshop to engage the team to look for new and relevant insights for the business.  In addition, our team of Creative Agents led a number of depth interviews with target consumers, combined with "trend scouting work" using different social media listening techniques.   All insights were captured, refined and evaluated using of virtualHOTHOUSE® system to identify leading winSIGHTS™ that had most potential to generate new and winning ideas.

Once the winSIGHTS™ had been identified and refined by our team, we ran a 2-day innovation HOTHOUSE workshop to turn leading insights into ideas for new product improvements and new formats.  The most important criteria was to identify new ideas that would drive differentiation with leading customers.

Following the Hothouse™, our team of copy-editors refined leading concepts prior to final evaluation across the business and with options for consumer screening.  This worked identified at least 3 winning concepts that have now been taken forward for development.



The team truly embraced the new culture for innovation and generated over 120 ideas for product improvements and innovative new formats. After the workshop the early ideas were further refined until they were ready for further quant testing with consumers in Germany and the UK.  Within less than a year, one of these concepts for a new ingredient solution was launched at a trade show where it received fantastic customer feedback! 

"This was great work! The project helped us to really focus on the needs of our consumer and we have developed a number of ideas to grow the business from 2018 and beyond."

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