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Project Overview

A leading healthcare brand, with a global team and global footprint, wanted to transform the impact and appeal of medical skin care training in key markets with a pipeline of new initiatives.  The training is a fundamental part of their go-to-market strategy and it is critical that it continues to be innovative and independent.  They were looking for our help to gather fresh insights from target stakeholders which could then be used to drive new thinking at an ideation workshop run by the Ideas First® team.

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Our Approach

This healthcare innovation project was run in two main stages using all elements of the virtualHOTHOUSE® system. In stage one, we ran a collaborative Insights virtualHOTHOUSE® to gather and refine relevant insights from key members of the global team, as well as conducting our own research on trends and best practice. This work generated over 200 early insights that we grouped into different themes. Our team of copy editors then refined a list of 52 leading insights prior to online evaluation by over 250 target customers in 8 different countries and in 6 different languages!  This evaluation identified 32 winSIGHTS™.


In stage two, the 32 winSIGHTS™ were used as primary stimulus at a 2-day Hothouse™ workshop in Germany.  On day 1, the workshop generated over 150 early ideas that were all captured in the virtualHOTHOUSE® system.  On day 2, 36 “best buy” ideas were further refined with immediate feedback from target customers.  After the Hothouse™, further refinement by our copy editing team created a final list of mini-concepts for screening and evaluation by target customers in all key markets using our online fastSCREEN™ tool. 



The project gathered over 200 early insights and over 150 early ideas.  Following refinement and evaluation with our fastSCREEN™ tool, we identified 32 winSIGHTS™ and up to 10 leading concepts that will help to transform the way this business delivers independent training to key customers in 8 markets including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Argentina, Mexico and Thailand.

A unique process, supported by a really clever and easy-to-use online system, that is both structured and creative at the same time. I loved the way we were able to capture insights, ideas and opinions from different markets. We definitely have some great ideas that will drive our business.

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