Global Baby Care Product Innovation

Project Overview

Four separate product innovation workshops were run for this global baby care brand who wanted to develop compelling new product ideas and services across key markets. Once a series of early ideas had been captured and developed, more client delegates from all around the world used our unique virtualHOTHOUSE® system to evaluate and further refine these ideas. Final leading ideas were then screened with target consumers in all key markets to determine which ideas had the greatest potential

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Our Approach

Our team of creative agents and copy-editors initially refined over 60 ideas that emerged from the four client product innovation workshops, writing the ideas using a simple mini-concept format. These ideas were then posted to our virtualHOTHOUSE® system and shared with a wider team of 32 active client delegates in seven markets; and this team added a further 80 ideas. All Ideas were then merged into different themes. Following further editing, 33 ideas were screened with over 250 consumers in Brazil, China and the UK, together with 64 internal delegates, using our online fastSCREEN™ system.


Results highlighted that 27 of the 33 ideas tested had significantly greater consumer appeal than two benchmark ideas that were included in the sample. And 11 ideas had significantly "above average potential". Winning consumer ideas are being progressed by the global R&D and marketing teams for future market roll out

"87% of delegates liked the way that they could see and build on ideas generated by their colleagues"

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