Fast Food Product Innovation

Project Overview

We were asked to help this global restaurant chain’s innovation team to generate, refine and identify a pipeline of new fast food concepts to drive business growth in key European markets.  The team utilised our unique online virtualHOTHOUSE® system to review fresh insights and trends and these were then used as stimulus in an ideation workshop where new concepts were developed and refined. At the end of the project, our fastSCREEN™ tool was used to identify which ideas had the strongest potential.

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Our Approach

An 8-week project using our virtualHOTHOUSE® system combined with a 2-day Ideas Hothouse™ workshop with a cross-functional innovation team and extra online support from our team of creative agents. Prior to the main Ideas Hothouse™ event, our insights team used insightsBOX® to capture insights and trends from “expert consumer interviews” and available research reports. Leading insights and other stimulus material were then used product idea development at the Hothouse™ workshop and online with ideasBOX™. Our team of copy editors then helped to refine 48 leading product ideas that were evaluated by an online “customer panel” covering 10 markets.


The project produced 48 concepts linked to insights and trends within our online virtualHOTHOUSE® system.  Results from the internal online "customer panel" highlighted 8 concepts with "strong market potential".  Following this work, 16 concepts were tested in 5 markets across Europe and this highlighted 5 concepts above or matching the leading benchmark concept.  Winning ideas are now being rolled out with leading markets.


"We are really excited by the outputs of this project and it helped us to identify some new and winning concepts to take into the market. A very strong and creative process."

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