Health Care Claims Innovation Asia

Project Overview

This leading pharmaceutical organisation wanted to develop compelling new product claims to drive sales of three of its leading OTC brands. This large-scale project used our claimstormingHOTHOUSE® methodology combined with our online brainstorming tool, virtualHOTHOUSE® to really maximise the creative outputs of their global team.  The teams were able to work collaboratively online, share consumer insights from each region and develop winning claims as part our highly creative claimstorming workshops.  

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Our Approach

Three separate projects run over a period of 18 months, using our claimstormingHOTHOUSE® methodology combined with our virtualHOTHOUSE® system, that engaged over 160 client delegates and consumers in 12 markets. In all three projects, country-marketing teams shared local consumer insights online, taken from available research and additional consumer closeness sessions. The strongest insights, together with other stimulus materials, were then used to generate new claims at three separate claimstormingHOTHOUSE® workshops, with client teams refining claims with input from local consumers. Leading claims from all three workshops were then refined by our copy-editors prior to online claim evaluation.


Online evaluation of leading claims highlighted 8-12 claims with "strong potential" for each of the three brands. Winning claims were then used to support short-term marketing activation and longer term R&D product development. In one market, new claims helped to increase sales by over 25%.

"Leading claims from one project helped to drive brand growth by over 25%"

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