Building Trust and Reputation

Project Overview

This leading healthcare company engaged us to help develop new initiatives to build more trust and reputation amongst stakeholders. The project began by gathering and refining winning insights from key stakeholder interviews. These were then used as stimulus at a 2-day Hothouse™ workshop where new ideas were created, captured and further developed online.  Once these early ideas had been refined we screened them with target stakeholders to identify the ones with the strongest trust building potential to take forward. 


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Our Approach

The project was run in two main stages using all elements of the virtualHOTHOUSE® system. In stage one, a core client team used the system to gather and refine relevant insights from key stakeholder interviews. Our team of copy editors themed and refined leading insights prior to online evaluation. In stage two, leading insights and other stimulus materials were used to generate over 100 early ideas at a Hothouse™ workshop and online with ideasBOX™. Our copy editor team then further refined these ideas to create 30 ideas to be screened with “target stakeholders” using our fastSCREEN™ tool to identify the top 8-10 ideas to take forward.


This brand innovation project generated over 30 leading trust building initiatives and a fastSCREEN™ survey with over 300 stakeholders identified 8 initiatives with the strongest trust building potential.  In addition, the project generated over 200 early insights and 30 leading insights from interviews with key stakeholders.

The final ideas produced by the project were brilliant both in terms of content and how they were written by the copy editors.

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