More Examples of Winning Claims

Monday, December 18, 2023

This blog showcases five more examples of strong and winning claims that are used to transform the appeal of a brand or a specific product.

For each example, click on the links to see the  advertising that was used. We define a winning claim as one memorable promise you can make about a brand or a product's benefit, that grabs your target customers attention and encourages them to buy.

To see how we help leading brands to generate new and stronger claims, check out our freshest formula for winning claims.  This provides a nice case study and the five-steps that we typically follow with leading brands to generate new claims that can step-change the appeal of an existing product with a new target audience. For more examples of winning claims, check out our blog post from January 2023.

1. Fairy Max Power - Cleans 4 x Faster

The latest claim for Fairy Max Power is that it not only cleans pans four times faster than a regular washing up liquid, it also cleans effectively in cold water to help you save 50% of energy costs when washing up.  A great example from a brand that stays focused on core consumer need for faster and more effective cleaning, but with overall cost saving benefits versus cheaper own label rivals. Fairy have also updated the product to strongly feature "Max Power" in the title of the product, providing extra support to the core superior cleaning claim. 

2. Kelloggs® Bran Flakes - Hello Happy Guts

Kelloggs gives us a nice example of a memorable claim with added emotion, with a new range of fibre cereals that fuels a happier gut for a healthier you. This is also a good example of claim that uses insightful everyday language ("hello misery guts") and a simple product claim ("fuels a happier gut for a healthier you").  This is combined with some simple science to give the claims some added credibility ("superior wheat fibre with one bowl providing 1/3 of daily fibre intake").  And finally, the winning claim is executed really well in TV copy and with on-pack graphics.

3. Gillette Heated Razor - World's First Heated Razor

Gillette provides a great example of a technology driven claim, but one that is inspired by strong consumer insight that a hot shave delivers a better shave.  The Gillette Labs Heated Razor claims to be the world's first heated razor (claim no1) for a superior shave to leave skin softer and smoother (the inferred and arguably the main claim). The 1 minute long video has strong music and imagery, with a simple story that also underscores the brand's ultimate core and consistent equity claim, "the best a man can get". 

4. Lynx Africa - Status of a GOAT

Lynx and Axe deodorants provides a great example of a brand that consistently uses claims with fun and humour, in order to stand out from the crowd. New LYNX Africa is the UK's #1 fragrance, and now holds GOAT status - the greatest fragrance of all time!  A simple claim based purely on the fact that the product is the highest selling fragrance for men. The brand team have also been brave to not only take the "goat" idea onto TV, but also with limited edition on-pack designs that seek to connect with the brand's Gen Z target audience.

5. Virgin Atlantic - The Biggest Flat Bed in Business

Virgin Atlantic provides our final example in this month's blog post, with an old claim execution that is still relevant today.  When they first launched their upgraded business class offer, they used a claim, "get your beauty sleep in the biggest flat bed in business". However, take a look at the TV ad and look out for the great humour that they use, combined with the "inferred claims" that you will wake up feeling younger, or that Virgin Atlantic is really a much cooler airline to use that the main national carriers such as British Airways (their principle competitor).


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