6. Insight Brainstorming Workshop 1. Co Creating Concepts With Creative Consumers 8. Creative Agents Refining Ideas 2. Idea Hothouse Workshops

A specialist idea generation and claims innovation agency

Deeper Insights and Trends | Compelling Brand Claims | Winning Concepts for New Products

Insights to Winning Ideas

Ideas First® is a specialist idea generation and claims innovations agency. Our global network of creative agents and trend scouts use a range of creative tools and techniques that are proven to help leading brands generate a pipeline of winning insights, concepts and product claims linked to agreed innovation objectives.

All projects are run using our agile online collaboration tool called Zip-Zap Ideas®; with advanced features to build and identify winning insights and ideas linked to a specific innovation challenge. Watch the video to see how we work, or keep scrolling to review our different programs for winning concepts and claims. 

Our Programs for Winning Ideas and Claims

We offer our clients a range of agile innovation programs that can be tailored to generate and identify a pipeline of winning concepts and claims. Projects can be supported by our team of Trend Scouts, Creative Agents, Copy Writers and Designers, together with Zip-Zap Ideas®, our powerful online collaboration tool for winning ideas made simple.

1. How To Generate Winning Claims (1)

Winning Ideas and Claims

We help leading brands develop winning ideas and claims with a focused insights-driven approach, supported by Trend Scouts, Creative Agents, Copy Editors and Zip-Zap Ideas®.

2. How To Find Deeper Trends And Insights

Finding Deeper Insights and Trends

Our team of Insight Agents and Trend Scouts use a variety of techniques to gather, refine and identify deeper insights and trends that are linked to agreed innovation objectives.

7. Ideation Workshops

Ideation Hothouse™ Workshops

Our Ideation Hothouse™ workshops inspire cross-functional teams to generate and develop new ideas with support from artists, creative agents and target consumers.

91. Online Brainstoming In Six Steps

Zip-Zap Ideas® Agile Innovation

Zip-Zap Ideas® is our agile online collaboration tool with advanced features to help innovation teams quickly build and identify winning ideas against a specific business challenge.

8. Insight Braintsorming Workshop

Fast-Track Insight Brainstorming

We use Zip-Zap Ideas® to run fast-track insight brainstorming projects to quickly identify fresh insights that can be used to inspire winning innovation.

3. Concept Development Workshops

Consumer Innovation Labs™

We run 1-day Consumer Innovation Labs™ with Creative-Thinking Consumers to refine and develop ideas and concepts linked to agreed insights and innovation objectives.

4. Virtual Brainstorming Workshop

Online Brainstorming Workshops

Designed for virtual teams, we run fun and interactive online brainstorming workshops using Zip-Zap Ideas® and Zoom®, as we inspire teams to generate and evaluate early Ideas.

5. Creative Agents And Copy Writers

Creative Agents and Copy Writers

Our team of Creative Agents and Copy Writers help leading brands to develop and refine new ideas, claims and concepts prior to fastSCREEN™ concept testing.

6. Fastscreen Concept Testing

Zip-Zap Ideas® Testing

We use our Zip-Zap Ideas® platform for fast and cost-effective way to screen insights, mini-concepts and claims with target consumers in key global markets.

9. Creative Facilitation Training

Innovation and Facilitation Training

Our innovation and creative facilitation training is now delivered via our new modular online program of 3-hour interactive courses, or our high energy 1-day workshops.